Trailer: Trading with GB

In the new series of Trading with GB, we are going to break down one market after another.

Each episode will look at a market that you maybe have not traded before. It may not have entered your mind to trade it. Or maybe it may have – and you just don’t know how to go about it.

Maybe you are corn curious or crudely interested. I don’t know, but I know we are going to answer a few questions and help you on your trading journey.

I’m Guy Bower and this is Trading with GB.

I’ve worked in the industry for a long time now and worn a few different hats. These include running managed funds, commodity broking, professional level trading, proprietary trading and a long stint of training and mentoring prop traders.

Each podcast will look at some trivia, stats, specs, opinions and experience trading those markets.

Hopefully, at the end, you will have some ideas to take with you. That’s the whole point in fact.

We’ll cover metals, grains, soft commodities, interest rates, equity futures and anything else we come up with.

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