Trailer: Trading from Home Series

All right, so we are all trading from home now. Could be far far worse.

On and off I have traded from home for over 20yrs. I traded for a fund, from home. I was the CEO of a broking firm and did half of my day’s work from home. And I have trained hundreds of prop traders, from home. 

So, in this new series we are going to talk all about trading from home. 

It’s doable, and I have some tips that will help you. 

This series will talk about everything from your desk ergonomics to trading analytics. 

  • We’ll set up your trading office. 
  • We’ll set up an account. 
  • We’ll set up the software.
  • We’ll talk about how to look at the market and make decisions.
  • What type of orders to place and how to place them.
  • We’ll talk about risk management. 
  • We’ll talk about your trading plan too – and building that. 
  • We’ll even talk about how Mozart can help your day trading. 

This podcast will show you why it’s better to be trading from home – your way – than relying on a prop firm to trade their way. I’ve done both. I know the differences. I know which one is better.

In short, it should be everything you need to make a real go at it. 

I’m not talking about how to trade in 5 minutes per day. I’m not one of those guys.

I’m not talking about trading from your laptop while taking pics if yourself in front of a jet and posting it on Instagram. I’m not one of those guys either. 

I’m going to do this, warts and all, because it’s real. And that’s what we need. 

So, let’s get started. In the next episode I want to talk about setting up you home trading office. Even if your set up already, have a listen. There might be a tip or two that you pick up. 

So, go ahead and play the next one now. This one is too short. You cannot stop here.