Choosing a Futures Broker

In this episode, we talk about choosing a broker.

This chat considers the following:

  1. Full service versus discount.
  2. Commissions rates.
  3. Data fees.
  4. Other fees.
  5. Access to software.
  6. Access to data.
  7. Access to markets.

Questions to consider or ask a potential broker:

  • Do you have day discounted day trading markets? Do they change the commissions you pay?
  • Do you support exchange traded spreads and spread margins? Examples: calendar spreads NoB, FyT, ZW-KW and
  • If I have an account in two currencies, one negative and one positive (but net positive overall), am I charged a fee on the negative balance?
  • (If trading options) do you charge round turn upfront for short options? Or do you charge for expiring options?
  • Are there other fees I need to know about?  

Other questions:  

  • Is there a package deal on data? For example, is there a US futures package or a worldwide future package?
  • Can I keep funds in one currency and trade in another without extra fees or penalty?

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