It’s like a prerecorded radio show. There are millions of topics and shows out there. This purpose of this site is to profile just a few of them in the trading space.

What you are looking for is a ‘directory’. Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio and Spotify covers about everyone. There are others such as TuneIn and Stitcher that are also popular.

I have a couple of these apps on my phone. One I use for trading stuff and the other for non-trading stuff. It’s good to keep them separate.

Oh come on. You can figure that out.

Big and growing. It’s a great away to learn new stuff while you do other stuff.

Look up a company called Edison Research. They produce a lot of good stats on podcasting. They estimate 104 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of Americans.

Download the guide on this page. Email me if you have questions. Happy to help, free of charge.

Maybe. Just contact me with details. I don’t have binary, fx or other rubbish here. Not too salesy either. If it’s good for a real trader, it’s good for this site. And there’s no cost to have your poddy here. That is not what the site is about.


If you’re feeling a little inspired and want to get those creative juices flowing, download this guide on how to start a podcast. It’s short, sharp and doesn’t mess around with too much detail. To list your podcast here, the number one rule is: It must be useful to traders. Cover that one off and you’re pretty much there. If you have technical questions, chances are we can answer them. Just send a message via the contact page.
Guy Bower
wrote this guide