GB’s podcasts are short and sharp educational broadcasts looking at market trivia, stats, specs, opinions and experience trading the markets. In the latest series, we look at one market at a time.
Guy Bower
Futures Oldboy
In this new series we talk all about trading from home. It’s doable, and I have some tips that will help you. This series will talk about everything from your desk ergonomics to trading analytics. It's all about the nitty gritty.



If you’re feeling a little inspired and want to get those creative juices flowing, download this guide on how to start a podcast. It’s short, sharp and doesn’t mess around with too much detail. To list your podcast here, the number one rule is: It must be useful to traders. Cover that one off and you’re pretty much there. If you have technical questions, chances are we can answer them. Just send a message via the contact page.
Guy Bower
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