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SERIES 2: Trading with GB

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GB’s podcasts are short and sharp educational broadcasts looking at market trivia, stats, specs, opinions and experience trading the markets. In the latest series, we look at one market at a time.


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Trading Coffee Futures

In this podcast/video we take a look at the coffee market. We’ll talk about some crazy action in the market lately – something that has brought as lot of interest from traders.

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What are Ultra Futures?

In this episode, we talk about adding a couple of new things to your watchlist to help you start seeing relationships. Is it easy? Nope, but is it hard? No I don’t think so, but it’s worth it.

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Futures vs CFDs: A Crude Example

In this podcast I talk about trading futures spreads. I start by looking at trading CFDs versus futures, then move into simple futures spreads (bull spread and bear spreads), then finish up with a futures condor spreads in crude oil. Such fun!

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Big Ideas for Trading the Micros: Part I

In this podcast we will look at the micro equity futures contracts. These are the micro S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow and Russell2000. Today we will cover what they are followed by four ideas of how they can be used for scalpers, swingers, spreaders and DIY fund managers.

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Trade Treasuries Like a Prop Trader

Today we talk about the treasury notes and bonds. We look at the underlying market and terminology. We talk about pricing conventions and analytics. We look at how these markets move and how to generate trading ideas.

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What is Spread Trading?

In this podcast episode we talk about spread trading. We cover the basic three spreads that are the building blocks of all spread trades. If you’ve heard about spreads, but don’t know what they are, then start here.

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All About Negative Interest Rates

In this chat, we talk about why negative rates are a real thing; why they are important; and how the government will make it work, even if you don’t want it to. More of a concept than a market, but one that affects the trading world.

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Trading Crude Oil

This episode talks about Crude Oil. We will cover a whole bunch of things including what it is we are trading; factors affecting prices; correlations and a few more ideas for trading.

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Trading Gold

In this episode of Trading with GB, we look at Gold. We will cover some facts and stats about gold, the trading contracts available and some ways to go about trading it. We’ll talk about options and futures, from scalping to position trading.

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Trailer: Trading with GB

In the new series of Trading with GB, we are going to break down one market after another. We’ll cover metals, grains, soft commodities, interest rates, equity futures and anything else we come up with.  Please subscribe to receive each episode of Trading with GB.

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Listen to a variety of podcasts from CME Group, covering a range of topics about the futures and options markets.

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